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The landing page becomes a flow of steps

WiFi landing page is a tool for turning anonymous visitors into engaged customers and loyal customers. Completely customize your Welcome Portal by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Welcome Portal is a business communication tool that you can turn it into a flow of several steps that interact with guests and drive to the login page.

Multi WiFi landing pages and login options

Offer multiple login forms, different WiFi landing pages, manage users across multiple domains and distinct networks with multiple SSID using the same hardware infrastructure. You can offer Free WiFi for guests and Premium WiFi for VIP member or dedicate special WiFi plans to the hotel guests and Freemium plans to the participants at the Conference rooms. A multi-everything tool for turning anonymous visitors into engaged and loyal customers

Integration with Google Tag Manager

The latest version of HSNM introduces great news for marketing and data analytics. You have the ability to enter the Tag Manager ID in order to integrate Hotspot Manager with Google Analytics Tag management and its related services, HotJar. Google Tag Manager is a free platform that lets you select services from the Admin Panel of Google Tag Manager. Among the services available for integration, there is Google Analytics and HotJar, for which HSNM offers automatic integration.

Integration with Facebook Pixels

Build audiences for your advertising campaigns by connecting Facebook Pixels to the Welcome Portal. Thanks to the integration between Facebook Pixels and the Welcome portal, Facebook will 'remember' the visitors who have visited the hotspot and will show them the specific advertising that had been previously created and scheduled in the Facebook timeline.

Turn data into insights with Mailchimp

Connect guests' contacts and Mailchimp, the popular email marketing software. Manage mailing lists, send awesome emails, marketing messages and track results. It's easy to connect HSNM Contacts + Mailchimp and requires absolutely zero coding experience. Turn data into insights and insights into action.