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HSNM Printer

HSNM Printer is integrated with HSNM and the ideal device if you want something quick, easy, ready-to-go and reliable. The proper tool for the requirements of every single reception, hotels, campsites, museums, swimming pools, discos and ideal product on buses, trains , ferries, ships, taxis, beaches. A handy printer for your venues, Multilanguage printing and connection via WiFi.

Just one click to print a card or a voucher

Deep integration with HSNM and ready to go. HSNM Printer is the ideal device if you want something quick, easy, ready-to-go installation and reliable. A new additional device that is essential to the completion of the offer that you can suggest to your clients. Customize the text with instructions or use it to deliver advertising content.

Thermal Printer. You never run out of ink

Tough and robust, it offers fast direct thermal printing with up to 70mm/second, power cable plus a rechargeable battery to ensure flexible connectivity. Serve your clients from the front desk or on the road! A rugged design to ensure reliability in even the harshest environments.