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SMS & Notifications

Make your guests feel unique

Stay in touch with guests. Sending notifications emails and SMS is incredibly simple and professional. Send a warm welcome email or SMS to your guests just after the login. Make your guests feel unique. Type your custom text into the provided templates and also use system variables to personalise your messages.

Registering via SMS

Guests can register directly via SMS. Easy and fast, username and password reach the users immediately. You can also activate an SMS registration with zero cost for the venue's owner.

GSM Modem and External SMS Gateway

It is important to define the service that will support your short messages activity. There are two options: GSM modem, messages are transmitted by the modem linked to HSNM. SMS Gateway, messages are transmitted by an external internet Gateway. Suggested and compatible Modem Models are Onda TM201, Huawey E173, Huawey E1750, Huawey E620, Huawey E1552, Onda MW836UP, Onda MDC655, Onda MT835UP, Onda MDC835UP.