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Content Injection for WiFi Monetisation

Content Injection for WiFi Monetisation

Deliver content to internet connected devices, be it laptops, tablets or mobile devise, on any browser without requiring any client software.

It makes easy for you to show the contents of the pages that users are surfing. HSNM is deeply integrated with CO.IN. Content Injector and you can easily create campaigns and advertise. Custom content like ads, news, alerts and games can be scheduled to appear on any webpage that the user is surfing.

Ads are common now, and they are not too much offended by seeing them. You have the total control and schedule of injection via advertising campaigns. Complete planning of the campaigns: period, timing, budget, locations. Drive visitors' engagement: set up your geo-targeted marketing campaigns, wherever they go, there you are! Activate campaigns based on the internet access you want to offer. Convert your Public WiFi into a powerful marketing tool.