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Advertising & Banners

Turn your WiFi into business. Engage the masses and monetize your WiFi

Customers want free reliable WiFi to connect to their friends, family, to shop on line, work remotely. HSNM offers new opportunities for WiFi monetization. Advertise to millions of people and grow your business with advertising across devices, where people enjoy their WiFi connection.

Open your network to advertisers and nearby businesses. Influence users while they are connecting to free sponsored WiFi or 4G network. Turn WiFi into a valuable business promoter and make money in no time.

Benefits of the Advertising Module

Grow your business by advertising on WiFi networks

Advertise offers or promote other businesses on your clients’ devices. Advertising enables you to captivate guests with dramatic full page ads or videos and a range of ad formats including Banners, Video and Pop Ups. Ads are displayed seamlessly on different devices, fully responsive and visible on all screen sizes. Ads are seamlessly integrated into the user experience for optimal creative impact and results.

Advertising Campaigns

Ads run seamlessly across different devices, fully responsive and visible on all screen sizes. Advertising enables management of all ads and scheduling.

Rotating Banners and Interstitials

Ensuring easy integration and seamless delivery of ads that look great and provide maximum impact. Implement a broad range of ad options to maximize your earning potential, including multiple banners, full screen interstitials and video clips into different campaigns that run seamlessly.