WELCOME PORTAL: the window of your hotspot service

This captive portal breaks with the traditional and static login presentations and it allows building up dynamic set of contents useful to make interactive the hotspot Welcome. End users want to be engaged on what they have chosen. Hotspot becomes a place to stay, not only a passage to reach the web. The Welcome Portal makes the hotspot login comfortable and interesting. It is possible to increase the end user permanence average and so develop amazing WiFi monetization projects up to great income goals.

Some Welcome Portal Examples

The Welcome Portal offers three main areas of interest: Intro of the Portal, Central Welcome Portal, Custom App bar.

The Welcome Portal is the heart of the HSNM. Not just an entry page but a complete set of custom tools to manage on your own.
Now customers use mobile devices, travel and work all around the world. Day by day they increase their hotspot permanence and this means good business outlook for a smart hotspot owner. Attract end users, provide them interesting contents and involve them.
The key of the success is to offer what they want, also more than their present expectations. HS Network Manager understands this trend and takes the chance to improve the login experience with a range of functionalities even updated and web linked.


The Intro Page. The power to amaze.
Intro page is the first page that your users see when they get connect to the Wi-Fi network. The screen of your device will be covered by beautiful images, YouTube videos, custom code, ads and surveys. Once the user skips this Intro Page is ready to experience the Welcome Portal in all its beauty.

What does it offer?
End user is involved on presentation videos, temporary promotions, and current events and so on. If you are pleasantly surprised, wait and have a look at the rest!

Display videos, for example from YouTube playlist, as background before the hotspot access. The video is time defined and the user can skip the intro (if enabled);
Background images, for examples the hotspot location, promotions or current events, even time defined;
Background images nearby the hotspot location drag from Flickr, even time defined;


Optimize the experience for users on the move with Welcome Portal
HSNM detects if the user is connected from mobile or desktop device and shows the right resolution for the selected device. Welcome Portal is 100% responsive and it adapts perfectly to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. In this way, when a visitor tries to connect himself to the hotspot welcome portal, no troubles will come back. A pc or a mobile phone, a tablet will show the hotspot portal in the best way ever.