Whether you are testing your customer satisfaction or launching a new product, surveys help you make quick and smart decisions.

Brand your quizzes and tests for your customers. Just few simple steps to prepare your quizzes and engage your target audience. A funny way to interact through an online quiz in your branded environment and let your guests, patients, students or customers have fun and learn something.

The survey dashboard allows you to look at responses in real-time, share them with colleagues, and export data in multiple formats. Real-time – Analyze your survey results up-to-the minute.

HSNM generates reports of quiz scores and customer performances, saving you hours of paperwork

Multiple question types

Create surveys, quiz and test on the fly. Build your survey with a user-friendly interface. Customers adore a personalized experience. Design and personalize your surveys with a user-friendly interface, customize the look from background to header image. Choose from multiple question types, customizable themes, and flexible options. You can use these features in order to create custom surveys or tests or quizzes.

Listen to what your customers want. They tell you how they want to be made happy

How you ask a question is just as important as what you ask

  • Multiple choice
  • Free text
  • Rating scales
  • Number
  • Options
  • Note
  • Branded surveys: Completely customize the look of your survey.
  • Language: Choose from the custom language inside HSNM.
  • Charts and Graphs: Analyze your survey with charts and graphs in order to have a quick overview of your results.

Main features

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited questions & answers
  • Custom survey look
  • Survey analytics
  • Custom values on answers
  • Export data
  • Scheduled survey
  • Mandatory field selection
  • Custom question order
  • Single survey dashboard
  • Dynamic charts