HS Network Manager offers a complete set of functions to define connection plans and product offer. This group of settings is managed by the administration from the system dashboard. Resellers and managers ask to the top level the product features that they want to provide. Enrich hotspot Wi-Fi service with a nest of choices: free, time defined, fee connections.

What is a hotspot policy?

The policy represents the set of rules, the background, of a specific network product. HS Network Manager provides a list of prior policies but it is also possible to modify and edit new policies. Choose among time and traffic options. Decide the connection speed, the modulation and the timeout/idle of the session. A step-by-step form page shows you the opportunities.

What is a hotspot product?

The product is what the end user chooses during the login phase. Each hotspot service can offer many product options. A product is associated to a specific policy that fixes the parameters and the performance of the service. HS Network Manager provides a list of prior products and it is possible to modify and edit new products too. Choose time, traffic, price, and expiration of the product. Each product page has a step-by-step form to complete. Every time policies and products can be combined within domains and hotspots in order to diversify the range of connection possibilities. That is a great advantage! HS Network Manager has unlimited options, choose the best.


HSNM doesn't miss a thing. Obviously, the multilevel management is a profitable and scalable hotspot system. Each figure of the chain receives an income. The hotspot service can be free or paid and so, in order to send the right revenue to each single network operator, it is possible to enter a percentage% of the amount sold, for each single reseller and manager. This option is available within every subject page and it is set up by the administrator.