Make Grow Your HotSpot solution with the multilevel management

An efficient hotspot service requires a dynamic organization that HSNM offers thanks to a shared and multilevel system. The administrator can create and manage a network of partnerships with other entities who can offer hotspot/PPPoE services following a pyramid structure.

New business opportunities to provide Cloud services to resellers or other Internet Service providers who need to be free from infrastructures or cannot make investments and want to be independent in managing their service

The Administrator
The Administrator is the owner of the network manager. He has the right to define the service guidelines without limitations. He sets up the basis of the whole service according to resellers and managers requests. This subject has the right to control the whole entire activity of the other levels.
The Reseller
The Reseller is a company or a provider that purchases hotspots services with the purpose to resell them. This subject can subscribe a partnership with the administrator and work in his name and behalf. The reseller is able to access the system with his credentials and can check the activity of his lower levels (managers, domains/hotspots, end users) but not the work of other resellers, he gets admittance to only his data.
The Manager
The Manager is the subject that hosts and supervises the hotspot locally and offers the service to end users. The manager has the right to work on his network manager area with proper credentials. His activity is linked to that one of his reseller and administrator. Each manager can check his activity and control his domains/hotspot and users... A Manager is, for example, a hotel, a restaurants, a pub etc.
The End User
The End User is the person that subscribes the service and logs in to the hotspot.

Custom logo

We know the importance to market your product with your logo, it identifies your business. HSNM gives you the opportunity to brand the start-screen and all the dashboards with your logo. You service will have your identity in a way that will be recognizable and memorable