The key that makes any Wi-Fi business model be possible Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which multiple independent instances operate in a shared environment. Thanks to a dedicated access, a tenant has its own secure and exclusive virtual environment and may be given the ability to manage some parts of the application data. Thanks to HSNM, Multi-tenancy is achieved by a set of features that allow you to configure the system with a set of granular roles and permissions able to define private areas with dedicated and personalized access.

New business opportunities

New opportunities to provide Cloud services to resellers or other Internet Service providers who need to be free from infrastructures or cannot make investments and want to be independent in managing their service.

Autonomy in Management for: Resellers and Managers


HSNM system allows designating several roles and permission that serve different functions and you decide which are the privileges that you grant to each single user. Access to the multi-tenant environment is strictly controlled and within permission policies.

HSNM multi-tenancy is the fundamental technology for your and your customers' Wi-Fi service: Increase flexibility Improve operational efficiency to access to the system and options.