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Control one router or the entire city WiFi
The pay-as-you-grow approach based on license levels and groups of networks, increases gradually the power of you service. Choose the license up to your requirements. HS Network Manager has nine license levels, a scalable system for great hotspot capabilities. HSNM will drive new business opportunities and you will have the possibility to increase the performance of the product.

What is a license? The license is the product level. It allows the management and control of a defined number of networks. You can decide to upgrade his product to a higher license every time maintaining all your settings and configurations

What is a network? The HSNM license is based on the number of networks that you want to manage and control. A network corresponds to a Hotspot Gateway, also known as Hotspot Controller or Router Controller or simply Router, where you can connect, in bridge mode, the APs. All the license levels allow unlimited APs and users.


It is provided as virtual appliance and it runs on VMware player, VMware Workstation Player, VMware vSphere or convertible on other virtual systems. The advantage is the possibility to put the machine within an existing server structure with a visible abatement of the first product investment.


This version is an appliance provided as desktop and rack mountable 1U. The product is ready to work. It is only necessary to link the system to the network and start to configure it.

License Levels

Unique of its kind, HotSpot Network Manager has absolutely no limit to the number of concurrent users. The maximum flexibility and scalability never seen before from other portal providers.

Level 1 1
Level 2 5
Level 3 10
Level 4 20
Level 5 50
Level 6 100
Level 7 150
Level 8 250
Level 9 unlimited

White label

We know the importance to market your product with your logo, it identifies your business. HSNM offers you a white label platform and gives you the opportunity to upload a custom brand logo, replacing the default one. Brand the start-screen and all the dashboards with your logo, make your HSNM have your corporate look. Enrich your Wi-Fi service with a full branded offering. Your service will have your identity in a way that will be recognizable and memorable.

Branding HotSpot Network Manager

For our reseller partners, HSNM runs a branding partnership program for those businesses who would like to sell HSNM under their own brand.

The OEM Software and Administrator Manual Branding service is fee-based. If you would like more information on the customization level, please get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to assist you. As reseller partner, your branded HSNM can be used for multiple installations and demonstrations. Your customers can download your branded HSNM, try it and purchase the license when ready. There is no need to download and reinstall the software, he will keep all his settings and configurations.

Branding your HotSpot Network Manager can make you look more professional together to improve your skilled image. Your customers trust you and trust your brand. Visibility, commitment, and many of other factors are also significant—but when it comes to buying conclusions and customer achievement, establishing trust is the key priority. Build trust with your brand.

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