High availability

High availability means having systems that are designed to ensure the survival of the service facing unexpected events, whether hardware or software type. HSNM is designed to respond to any negative events that can reasonably happen in order to continue to provide services without blocks for Customers. Ensuring high-value services and their continuity is one of the main missions of the HotSpot Network Manager.

How it is obtained

Round Robin Hosts: more than one HSNM provide services based on a circular order. In this way the work load is distributed (Load balancing).
If a host is off or has problems, all requests arrive to other active hosts.

Data replication: allows you to have the same data synchronized in real time across multiple HSNMs. The replication system adopted is Multi Master Circular Replication "where on all the involved hosts, reading and writing can be performed and the data are propagated by each member to the rest of the group. If a host is off, or has problems or is switched on again, other hosts reconfigure themselves automatically.

It is very simple to activate!