The ready to use system to increase your internet performances, protect your company networks and monitor the web usage

Easy-to-use web management system

Easy to set up. Thanks to a simple and intuitive web interface, you can configure Co.In. in easy way and monitor the usage of internet services. With many dynamic charts, tiles and widgets, the dashboard displays you a complete overview of the system. It is also possible to check, for each user, the daily usage of internet services with indications of sites visited also by time band.

CO.IN.for network benefits:

Co.In. is a standalone appliance that can be installed in corporate networks or in internet service providers networks that allows to:

Saving internet bandwidth and speeding up web browsing thanks to an internal cache
Increasing security on the internet thanks to antivirus
Preventing the usage of certain categories of internet sites which are not considered appropriate for the internet service provided thanks to the blacklist on your system
Monitoring user traffic to check potential abuses

Web Caching System

Speed up web browsing and save bandwidth Co.In. is designed to deliver already visited contents to users without access to servers. Web caching helps you to reduce the traffic to the internet and to save bandwidth.

Focus on security. A standalone appliance to protect employees and guests

Since the first PC computer virus was detected in 1986, malware rates exploded over the past 30 years. In response to increasing malware threats, Co.In. is responding with two different approaches: blacklisting and virus protection.

Virus and Spyware protection

Protect your users from viruses, spyware and other forms of malicious software. If enabled, Co.In. analyzes contents provided to users and blocks any external menaces. The system auto updates every day with the most up-to-date security content in order to be always ready to intercede and to block also the latest threats.


Co.In. is equipped with system that prevents visualization of certain websites based on chosen categories that are considered not appropriate for the service provided. The available categories are:

  • Ads & Trackers (3,192) Sites with advertising contents and/or perform monitoring preferences
  • Blasphemy (6,806) Sites with blasphemy content
  • Chat (730) Sites that allow chat
  • Dating (84,372) Online dating sites
  • Dynamic DNS (3,150) Dynamic DNS sites
  • Gambling (237,805) Gambling sites
  • Gaming (166,901) Play online sites
  • Malicious (139,982) Sites that have malicious content with spyware, malware, etc.
  • Music (436,385) Sites that allow listening to music
  • Piracy (5,934) Sites related to piracy
  • Porn (527,663) Sites with pornography and pedophile
  • Proxies (46,675) Sites that allow you to use external proxy to bypass blacklists or hide their identity
  • Racism (2,680) Sites with racist and bigoted anti ethnic contents
  • Social Network (35,958) Social networks sites
  • Video (240,249) Known sites with video contents

Co.In. is the security protection you need for all the networks and your guests. Prevent problems caused by virus or spyware and check the abuses on the usage of internet.