Compelling WiFi monetization

Find the way to provide dynamic hotspot service for free and monetize your business by offering advertisement areas where display images and videos. The best opportunity to increase the hotspot outlook: HSNM Ads Module. Relevant contents to boost your hotspot business. The WiFi market is growing and hotspot managers need to plan new gainful strategies to involve end users and obtain pleasing benefits too.

Users are looking for free connection services and it is necessary to find a new way of gaining hotspot profits. How to follow up this trend? HSNM Ads Module provides the opportunity of building up and managing ads contents.

This means that thanks to the advertisement the hotspot obtains visibility, it becomes dynamic and obviously earns money indirectly too. That's the innovation that you need, directly on your hotspot service.

The Welcome Portal is the heart of the HSNM!

Not just an entry page but a complete set of custom tools to manage on your own. Now customers use mobile devices, travel and work all around the world. Day by day they increase their hotspot permanence and this means good business outlook for a smart hotspot owner. Attract end users, provide them interesting contents, involve them.

The key of the success is to offer what they want and more than their present expectations. HS Network Manager understands this trend and takes the chance to improve the login experience with a range of functionalities even updated and web linked. Brand the very first page of your users The new trend of the Internet is changing every aspect of every business. Use your creativity to build a captive portal for every customer.


WiFi social marketing development
The right tool to create valued hotspot service for free
Brand awareness of product and services alike the hotspot proposal and location
Relevant messages to interact and involve users
Service wholeness and wide offering
Growing hotspot visibility


The advertising campaign is a powerful tool to reach visitors. Ads have to be up to the hotspot purpose, moderate and effective to provide you a real result. Messages and videos are displayed in the Welcome Portal area. End users can see them every time that they visit the hotspot. The campaign is shown: on Intro Welcome Portal, the advertisement is a time defined video Central Welcome Portal, on the mail hotspot page, the user can see ads banners, the three areas are the top, right and left side banners.

Advertise with HSNM. Engage the masses and monetize your Wi-Fi

Advertise to millions of people and grow your business with advertising across devices, where people enjoy their Wi-Fi connection. Influence users while they are connecting to free sponsored Wi-Fi or 4G network. Promote your business on the devices that people use every day. Ads run seamlessly across different devices, everything is responsive and visible from every screen size. An ideal context for marketers, ads in Welcome Portal reach people while they’re exploring the topics they’re passionate about. Captivate users with dramatic full page ads and a range of impactful ad formats that are enhanced by HSNM technology. Ads are seamlessly integrated into the user experience for optimal creative impact and results .

HSNM Ads Module provides a complete section where build up, step by step, the campaign options: Campaign description (images and texts), Frequency, Geo location, Hotspot category, Budget plan..

Each detail is specifically defined in order to show a professional range of ads messages pursuant to advertiser goals.